Quick Start Guide

After successfully installing SkySync, you're only a few steps away from enjoying seamless synchronization and backup of your files. Here's a concise guide to get you started:


Getting Started

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Launching SkySync

Launching SkySync


  • Navigate to the Start Menu.

  • Locate the SkySync program or simply use the search bar to find and launch it.


  • Open the "Applications" folder from Finder.

  • Scroll until you find the SkySync app icon. Double-click to launch.


  • Depending on your Linux distro's interface, find SkySync in the application menu.

  • Alternatively, open a terminal and type skysync to launch.

Logging In

When you first launch SkySync, you'll be greeted with a login screen.

  • If you already have a SkySync account, enter your credentials and click "Log In".

  • If not, proceed to the next section.

Signing Up

On the login screen, click "Sign Up" at the bottom.

  • Provide the required details, including a valid email address.

  • You'll receive a verification email. Click on the link inside to activate your SkySync account.

  • Return to the application and log in with your new credentials.

Setting Up Sync Folders

After your first login, SkySync will guide you through selecting which folders you wish to synchronize.

  • Browse your system and choose important directories or work folders. Remember, you can adjust these settings later.

  • Once selected, SkySync will begin its initial synchronization of those folders.

Accessing Cloud Storage

Within the SkySync application, there's a "Cloud" tab at the top. Clicking this tab displays all your synchronized files in the cloud.

  • For web access, open a browser and visit www.skysync.com. Log in to your account to view, download, or manage your files from any device with internet access.

Multi-device Synchronization

Installing on Another Device:

  • Download the SkySync application appropriate for the device's OS.

  • After installation, log in with the same SkySync account.


  • SkySync will automatically recognize the new device and start synchronizing the files to ensure all devices have the latest versions.

Exploring Advanced Features


  • Locate the file or folder you want to share within the SkySync application.

  • Right-click (or equivalent) to find the "Share" option. This allows you to generate a link or share directly with other SkySync users.

Backup Settings:

  • Navigate to the "Settings" tab within SkySync.

  • Look for "Backup Options" and customize the frequency, what to backup, and backup destinations.

Activity Log:

  • Under the "Activity" tab, users can monitor all actions related to their files. This includes viewing changes, tracking shared files, and seeing who accessed which files and when.


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Oct 9, 2023

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