Creating a New Project

Projects in SkySync allow you to group related files or folders together for better organization, collaboration, or focused synchronization. Here's how to start a new project:


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Accessing the "Projects" Tab

Accessing the "Projects" Tab

After opening SkySync, look for the "Projects" tab on the main navigation bar, typically found at the top or side of the interface. Click on it.

Initiate New Project Creation

  • Within the "Projects" tab, locate the "New Project" button. This might be represented as a "+" icon or might be a labeled button, depending on the interface version.

  • Click on this button to open the new project creation wizard.

Naming Your Project

  • A prompt will appear asking you to name your project. Choose a name that is descriptive and related to the content or purpose of the project. For example, "Marketing Campaign Q4" or "Website Redesign Assets."

  • Depending on SkySync's features, you might also be able to add a brief description or choose a project icon to differentiate it visually.

Adding Files and Folders

  • Once your project is named, you'll be prompted to add files or folders to your project.

  • You can either drag and drop items into the designated area or use the "Browse" button to select files/folders from your directories.

  • Add all relevant materials. Remember, you can always add or remove items later.

Collaborators and Permissions (Optional)

  • If SkySync supports collaboration, you might have the option to invite team members or colleagues to your project.

  • Input their email addresses or SkySync usernames to send them an invitation.

  • Set permissions for each collaborator. For instance, you can grant them "View Only" access or allow them to "Edit and Upload" content.

Finalizing Your Project

  • Once you've added all necessary files/folders and set permissions, look for the "Create" or "Finish" button to finalize your project.

  • Your new project will now appear in the "Projects" tab, ready for synchronization and collaboration.

Additional Tips

  • Regularly review and update your project to ensure it stays organized and relevant.

  • Utilize the project's comment or chat feature, if available, to communicate with collaborators directly within SkySync.


Nov 9, 2023

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Nov 9, 2023

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