Managing User Accounts

With SkySync, managing user accounts, whether for an individual or an organization, is straightforward. Here are the core aspects of user management:


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Creating New Accounts

Creating New Accounts

Procedure: Navigate to the "Users" or "Accounts" section and select "Add User." Input details like email, name, and assign an initial password.

Initial Setup: Once the account is created, the user will receive an email notification with setup instructions. They might be prompted to complete their profile, set security questions, and configure other preferences.

Bulk Account Creation: For larger organizations, SkySync may offer a bulk user creation feature where admins can upload a CSV file containing user details to create multiple accounts simultaneously.

Setting Permissions

Role Assignment: Define a user's role as admin, editor, viewer, etc. This determines their access levels.

Folder Permissions: For added granularity, assign folder-specific permissions. A user might have edit permissions in one folder and view-only in another.

Permission Templates: Save commonly used permission sets as templates for faster assignment to new users.

Resetting Passwords

User-Initiated: Users can use the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. They'll receive a secure reset link in their email.

Admin-Initiated: Admins can initiate a reset from the dashboard, sending an email or SMS notification to the user.

Monitoring Activity

Login/Logout Logs: Track when users access SkySync and from which devices.

File Activity: Monitor which files a user accesses, edits, deletes, or shares.

Notification Alerts: Set up alerts for suspicious activities, like multiple failed login attempts.

Deactivating/Deleting Accounts

Temporary Deactivation: Suspend a user's access without deleting their data. Useful for temporary leaves or role transitions.

Permanent Deletion: Remove a user and all associated data. Ensure you have backups of crucial files before this irreversible step.


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